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Welcome to ASA International, Inc.
Your online resource for hosting, development,
promotion, and internet consulting.

We are part of the OPEN SOURCE movement which allows us to offer many different e-business solutions to our hosting customers for very little or no cost. Just host your web site with us and you will have access to many different tools and programs we will install for you for free! Most people don't know what is available to them for little or no cost, but we are here to let you take advantage of all of them.

Do you know?

  1. How long it takes your site to load on various bandwidth speeds?
  2. If your site can be indexed by the major search engines?
  3. Where you are ranked on the major search engines?
  4. What your "popularity" rating is?
  5. If your web site is readable by all browsers?
  6. Who are all the contacts registered for your site?
  7. If you have any miss-spellings on your site?
  8. If you have any broken links on your website?
  9. If you are paying too much for hosting?
  10. How to get more visitors to your site?

We will answer these questions for you!
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